How Much Money Can You Make From Your Junk Car?

So you’re considering recycling your worn out car for some extra cash. How much should you expect to get back? The price range for recycled cars and parts can range anywhere from $100-$1000. While you can always get a free quote with no obligation for how much your car might be worth on the AB Towing and Auto Recycle website, you may be looking for some more information on whether or not it is more cost efficient to recycle your car, trade it in, or repair it. Let’s look at the factors of what makes a junk car more valuable and whether it is worth it to recycle or repair your car. 

Supply and Demand

The first thing to consider when deciding what to do with your old car is its manufacturing year. Newer vehicles and parts will be in higher demand than older, less common vehicles. The weight, make, and model of your car are also factored into the value of your car. Common make and model cars such as Chevrolet, Honda, Ford, Jeep, and Toyota are all of value due to the market and demand for replacement parts for popular vehicles. The weight of your vehicle will be taken into consideration. The larger your vehicle, the more surface area and material to work with. Thus, a small car will be worth less money than an SUV or a truck due to the amount of scrap metal that can be supplied. Lastly, the mileage of your vehicle will affect its value. Higher mileage cars will be worth less money than a barely used car with low mileage.


Another thing that factors into the amount you could get scrapping your car is the level of completeness of your car. Is the car missing any major parts such as the engine, transmission, or wheels? The amount of damage to your car is also factored in. If your engine is present but is broken, the price value will be lowered. Never fear, you can still earn money from the scrap metal of your car. You can earn on average $200-$300 for your car's scrap metal and steel. Scrap metal prices do fluctuate daily, so the free quote you get from AB Auto Recycle today may not be the same in a day, week, or month from now.

If you have been paying more in repairs than you are getting out of your car, it might be time to consider recycling your motor vehicle and scrapping the parts for some extra cash. You can get a free quote for how much your car might be worth on the AB Towing and Auto Recycle website right now. Contact AB Towing and Auto Recycle today and get cash for your car!
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