The Most Valuable Parts Of A Car

Is your car a bit old or broken down? You may be surprised to know that you can still get money out of your junk car. Even if you cannot sell or trade in your car as a whole, you can scrap the parts of your car for some extra cash. Let’s break down some of the most valuable parts of your car and what you can get for them!


Coming in at number one, the engine is the most valuable part of your car. As some of you may know, engines can be pretty pricey. It is for this reason many people turn to secondhand engines if they are in need of a replacement. If your engine is still functioning smoothly, you could get up to $1,000 for it. The make, model, and mileage will all be considered when deciding how valuable your engine is. Even if your engine is currently inoperable, you still have the potential to get money for it. You will be offered more money the more complete your engine is. Is it repairable as a whole or are only parts of the engine salvageable? 


Transmissions are a frequently sought for used car part as well. Used transmissions can usually be valued between $800-$1,400. Labor costs are then factored in to see if it is more cost efficient to buy a used or brand new part. When you factor in the cost of labor to install a transmission it adds about $400-$800. In most cases, buying a used transmission rather than a brand new one will allow you to keep an extra grand or two in your pocket.

Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converters are a common part in need of replacement. They can often fall out from under your vehicle and need to be replaced right away. Catalytic converters are also of value due to the metals this part contains such as palladium, rhodium, or platinum. Used catalytic converters can be worth anywhere from $300-$1,500!


Fenders can be a very valuable used car part due to their usefulness and durability. Fenders are used to protect the wheels, front, and rear end of a vehicle. Knowing this, it comes as no surprise that fenders are made of some of the sturdiest metals on your car. Fender parts can have a quick turnaround due to “fender bender” accidents. It is also because of “fender benders” that the price of a used fender can greatly vary anywhere from below $100 to above $1,000. The condition of the fender you are selling will matter a great deal as well as the make and model.

Don’t let your spare parts or junk car sit around collecting dust in your garage or worse, let it go to the dump. Even when labor costs are considered, those looking for parts will save money by turning to used parts rather than buying new. Why not sell them your used car parts? It’s a win-win situation when we utilize the materials we already have! Visit the AB Towing and Auto Recycle website today to get a free quote of what you could get for your car!
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