Why Scrap Metal Prices Can Fluctuate During Winter

It’s no secret that business can slow down for a variety of industries for a variety of reasons during the winter months. Less people wish to go out and about when it’s freezing outside. This logic can also apply to the scrap metal industry and thus, prices. Here are a few reasons that scrap metal prices can fluctuate during the colder months of the year. 


When the holidays come around every year, many people are off from work for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Money can be tight around the holidays and with less work being done, less scrap metal is being produced. Since many people do not have extra cash laying around during the holiday season, they will postpone paying for new parts or projects.


When it’s freezing outside during winter, people do not want to be walking around if they don’t have to be. This means people are not making trips to the scrap yard. Construction plays a large part in fluctuating scrap metal prices as projects are paused during the cold months. Pausing construction projects means less scrap metal is being produced at these locations, directly affecting the supply, demand, and cost of scrap metal.


Snow also plays a large role in fluctuating winter scrap metal prices. With snow on the roads and more hazardous conditions, there is less traffic. Many regular scrap yard customers are on the roads frequently, so with more hazardous driving conditions there will be less vehicles on the roads and less need for scrap metal. There is also less scrap metal available due to there being less projects occurring.

Sold Scrap

The availability of scrap metal during the winter is another factor that affects the price of scrap metal. Since less scrap metal is produced during colder months, scrappers will set aside their best product throughout the year in order to survive the winter. The saved scrap metals will be cashed in to make some money during the off season. Once the weather starts to get consistently warmer and the demand for scrap metal goes back up, scrappers will start restocking their supply!

What You Can Scrap Around The Holidays

Although scrap metal is in lower demand around the holidays, there are a few things you can collect after the holidays are over to gain some extra cash. Some things you may not have known can be recycled include tree stands, christmas lights, extension cords, wrapping paper, christmas trees, and ornaments! You may not make a large sum of money for your decorations but you will feel better decluttering your home and knowing your waste is being repurposed or disposed of properly!

If you have a junk car you are wanting to scrap for cash or just have some extra parts laying around you want to sell, look into scrap metal prices in your area. You may find that waiting a week may gain you more money in the end! Contact AB Towing and Auto Recycle to get a quote on how much you can get for your scrap metal today!
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