What To Do Before You Junk Your Car

So your car has reached its limit and you have decided to recycle the parts for some extra cash. What needs to be done before you bring your car down to the junkyard? Let’s discuss a few important things to do before you hand over your old vehicle to a new owner.

Collect Your Belongings

The first step you want to take to prepare your car to leave your possession is to collect your belongings from the car. Cleaning out your car will make it easier for those taking over ownership of your car. If you are getting a new vehicle to replace your junk car or already have a new one, don’t forget to transfer over your severe weather kit and scraper! Double checking your back seats and trunk will also make sure you don’t accidentally leave anything of personal value in your car that can’t be replaced!

Grab Your Papers

The second important step to complete when prepping your car for the junkyard is to grab your vehicle title. You may think no one will drive your old car after you so this step is not needed but think again. Most credible junkyards will not take your car unless you can provide proof of ownership. If you no longer have your vehicle title you can file for a lost title to receive a copy of the original.

Collect Valuable Parts

While some may just want to get their junk car off their property and out of the way, other sellers may choose to sell some of the more valuable parts of their junk car separately. Selling the more valuable auto parts of your vehicle individually can help them sell for more money that goes straight into your pocket. If you bought a custom speaker for your car you might want to grab that! If you decide to keep your tires, just remember to replace them with an older set. Many junkyards may not come to pick up your junk car if it is not towable.

Get A Ride

Now that you no longer have your old vehicle, you’ll need to decide what your new mode of transportation is going to be. Will you be buying a new car, utilizing public transportation, bicycling, or traveling on foot? If you are dropping your junk car off yourself, don’t forget to ask a friend to follow you to the junkyard so that you have a ride back!

By following these steps before you turn in your old vehicle, you will be on your way to a smooth and easy trade! Get your car ready to be recycled today and earn some extra cash! Now that your car is cleaned out and prepped to be towed, it’s time to contact AB Towing & Auto Recycle! Contact AB Towing and Auto Recycle today for a free quote on how much your junk car could be worth!
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