Why 2022 Is A Great Year To Sell Your Junk Car

Here’s the scoop: now is a great time to get some money for your car! Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, car parts and supplies have been scarce. Transportation precautions around the world have made it increasingly difficult to find parts, especially new ones. Let’s dive into what is happening in the car industry right now and why it is a great time to get some money out of your old car!

Travel Bans

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted many supply chains in various industries around the world. The automobile industry has been one of the most affected during this time. Having precautionary travel bans and limited transportation has led to shortages in auto parts coming into the United States from our top suppliers. This has led to very few new cars being manufactured.

The Problem

The problem with less new cars being manufactured and available is that car accidents and part failures of cars currently on the road haven’t stopped! It is unavoidable to eventually run into some car problems and the past few years during the pandemic has been no different! As more people return to their offices in 2022, more cars are on the road and more car issues are arising. This has created a huge surge in the demand for used cars!

Surge In Prices

As the prices for new cars have risen over the past few years, the demand for used cars and car parts has gone up by almost 40% since the beginning of 2020.  Many Americans rely on cars to get to and from work, access groceries, and make a living for themselves. This means if they need a part replaced or a whole new car, they need to act quickly. With new vehicles being unavailable or too pricey, consumers are turning to other options such as used cars. Used cars are being sold for insane amounts of money given their condition and mileage simply because of the ever rising demand for vehicles and parts right now!

Sell Your Junk Car For Money!

Prices for cars and car parts are continuing to rise every day. Prices to purchase a used car are going up by one hundred to three hundred dollars each week! Now that you know the demand for cars right now is extremely high, it’s time to consider selling your old car. Whether you are looking to sell your car as a whole or sell off individual parts, you can be sure that you will get the most money possible out of your car. Prices for cars are presumed to start stabilizing by the end of the year so don’t wait! 

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